two former members of the defunct band tripping hazard decide to continue their sonic journey, plunging headfirst into wombs and concrete walls.

26th June 2012


the very last happy song (rainy nights)

lying beside you, sharing this little bed
rain is falling, thunder creeping close
safe and content in the haze of your glow
i couldn’t ask for anything more

and this is why i want to share a home
after long hard days, i smile at your face on the pillow
a place to meet again after time apart
somewhere to keep our happy hearts

it’s taken so long to find someone like you
and it took longer for you to let me in
i watch you sleeping, my face against your chest
i’ll never need anything more 

25th June 2012


i will leave a trail for you

i was right all along, now there’s no more begging i can do, you tell me you’re through. a ruined womb, a year like hilly scenery. you’ve proven to me i’m not allowed to stay happy.
i’ve given you everything, i’m empty, dried, half-alive inside. you held me tight through the morning and despite my tears, you are my light- a comfort unlike any other.
thinkin’ of taking the train out of this place, it’d hurt too much to see your sweet face. sell everything but some clothes and my guitar and run as fast as i can from where you and your blue eyes are.  
i’ll leave a trail of breadcrumbs and when you see what you’ve thrown away, follow them to my waiting arms and promise me that this time you’ll stay. 

13th May 2012


13th May 2012


those stucco walls

blinding sunlight hits your skin
a leg slung over your bare hip
and i know i wouldn’t want to see another face

wrap myself in your strong arms
we’ve memorized all the very best spots
and i know i wouldn’t want to see another face

gentle words and clear blue eyes
lips on shoulders, bodies entwined
and i know i wouldn’t want to be in another place

the calm you’ve made in my storm
you make me feel like i am home
i wouldn’t want to see another face
i wish i could wake beside you everyday

those stucco walls and a creaky bed
summer breezes floating in
and i know i wouldn’t want to see another face 

21st April 2012

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21st April 2012


the lovely dan greer shot this at our last show at rancho. :)

20th April 2012



i haven’t written in a while
life can be distracting
veering between giddiness and wanting to hide in bed for days
gotta love manic episodes
music keeps my fingers, throat and brain busy
playing more bass and acoustic so my callouses are even tougher
and more ugly than usual
which i like
from my lego scar to my ever-short fingernails
my hands are what keeps me sane

the flat (bathurst)
dragging my flat tire along the road
i wait for you on the corner
you’re riding to my rescue like nothing’s changed
nostalgia hits me like a truck
sunlight bounces off pint glasses in our old neighbourhood
everything’s familiar, everything’s in tune
i’m not wanting to go back in time
but i’m sorry i took you for granted when you were mine
i miss the certainty
but i’d never trade him for another man
his glow spreads through me from the inside out
but i still don’t know where i stand
he tells me he’s lucky and happy to have me
but there’s still shadows and eggshells
i smile as he sleeps next to me at dawn
wondering if i’ll ever be good enough
for him
i was good enough for you
am i good enough for him
am i good enough 

21st March 2012


new song called ‘unsteady’. our friend and former bandmate recorded me playing this on his roof, just hours after i finished writing it. it’s kinda wonky because i wasn’t really sure about some of the parts and i was trying to read the teeny-tiny writing in my notebook. ignore the presence of my forehead and my weird snaggle tooth. i don’t usually smile at cameras for a reason. it’s genetic… my dad and sister have the same funny tooth.

pinky and i had been working on it before i trekked to joel’s. he’s trying some different stuff percussion wise, and we had it sounding pretty good for such a shiny-new piece.

18th March 2012


new song, new show poster

i (pixie) have been stuck living in the middle of nowhere for the past while

but at least i’ve been writing a lot

two new songs just this lonely weekend


when the weather was cold, so was your love
so i begged and froze
and i was warned that you’ll never warm
so i stayed quiet in your strong arms

i’ve been waiting for the spring
but dreading the changes you promised
you don’t have to go running
as new light finds us entwined, everything is fine

it’s like those little sunbeams are melting frost in your eyes
lying side by side
hoping you’ve changed your mind
because it feels so right 
and i think i keep you satisfied 

i recorded myself playing it acoustically, but i discovered that the webcam on this computer kinda blows and it sounds and looks like i’m playing in a tunnel! i’ll have to do another video once my voice comes back.

it’s ‘hearsal day! working on the set for our show at rancho relaxo on march 27. first one in a while- so excited!


28th February 2012


new song from tripping hazard (our old band) →

pixie and pinky’s old band have finally finished up their last album. here’s the first track. all the songs will be up on bandcamp soon- 1 new song every week! we’re excited.